What can you Expect From Hotshot Hood Cleaning?

Our Procedures

In most cases hand cleaning is not acceptable! 


Many unregistered hood cleaning companies only hand wipe your hood and filter area, this is only part of the cleaning process and does not meet fire codes. Hotshot Hood Cleaning performs a proper cleaning which includes the hood, duct work, filter trough area, filters, fusible links and fire suppression heads. This is required in accordance with NFPA96 (National Fire Protection Association) standards.  The Fire Marshall won't accept less!


The cleaning process is as follows:

  1. The fan is tested for performance, if the fan is working slowly or not at all the night manager will be immediatly notified.  Work will proceed from there. 
  2. Our equipment is then hooked up and tested for proper performance.  Malfunctioning equipment may be cause for rescheduling
  3. Extremely dirty areas will be pre-soaked.
  4. Filters are removed for cleaning
  5. All wheeled equipment moved as necessary
  6. Burn boards and or tarps are placed over sensitive areas.
  7. All lower equipment and containers are carefully covered in leak proof plastic.
  8. The entire hood will then be surrounded with plastic, shaped to funnel all wash water into large containers for later disposal. 
  9. Disposal of the wash residue must then be done using the kitchen/mop sink drains.  It is illegal and enviromentally unfriendly to use exterior storm drains.