Hotshots Hood Cleaning since 1983

What makes Hotshot Hood Cleaning a name you can trust?

In 1983 I started full time cleaning restaurant hoods by hand! Scraper poles, hand scrapers, brillo pads, rags, degreasers, solvents and lots of really hard and nasty work. Very difficult to get those hard to reach areas clean, but I tried.


Being the lazy guy that I am, I decided to begin using a hot pressure washing method, adding in a caustic to help dissolve the heavy buildup and strong degreaser to wash that grease off the surfaces.  The first jobs were scary!  I was trying something new and had no backup, after several jobs I gained more confidence.


This was amazing!!! Our ability to deep clean hoods had really gone off the charts. It also made a nasty job a lot easier, and cut down on the amount of time on the job.  I think I may have been one of the first to try pressure washing hoods, at least in the Portland area.


As many managers had to remain while we cleaned, they were much happier with the reduced time and the impressive job we could do.


We currently clean about 600-650 kitchen hoods a year.  We normally work Sunday night through Thursday, 52 weeks of the year.  We cannot do morning work.  It is too dangerous to attempt to double back after working until 4 am.  Some afternoons are ok, if we can make it work we will.  I value the people who choose to work for me and will not put their lives in danger.

Hood Cleaning Certifications

Certified by the Portland OR Fire Department #5025

Certified by the Vancouver WA Fire Department # CCE-0024-4210

$1 Million General Liability Insurance